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How to join...

Joining the German2000 extravaganza is simple and straightforward. Everybody has the chance to get in!

- "am I right, Tom?"


The first thing you will need to do is pre-register and showing your interest by joining our forum and introducing yourself. This will take just a few minutes to complete by asking you some details about you and your car.

After registration, applicants are selected based on a range of criteria but the most important is the car. The event is open to all make and models of cars irrespective of shape, size, power or year of manufacture. Due to the very nature of this prestigious event, demand will be great to participate hence availability for places will be limited to just over 20 cars. Preference will be given to cars that stand out for any number of reasons:

1. Limited editions
2. Highly desired automobiles
3. Hi spec and pimped up to the max
4. Eye catching
5. Unique
6. Fast and furious
7. Cars with attitude (to match the drivers)

If you do not own a car - or you cannot bring it with you from where ever you are located at - there are a few slots available to ride Shotgun or receive one of the few rental cars available during the run (extra cost applies!). Ask one of the registered drivers for a vacant slot.

Once you (and your car) have been selected to participate, the registration and booking process begins. The process comprises of:

1. Detailed registration of you (and your car)
2. Complete and sign German2000 Terms & Conditions
3. Booking fee: 100% of the total fee paid in advance
4. Confirmation of event details and participants
5. Completion and deadline - all full payments to be received by May 29th, 2009
6. Event preparation – car stickers and signage, driver profiles and regular updates

Throughout the registration and booking process, you will be kept fully informed of progress and the service will be professional and courteous.

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